Major News in Legal Battle Against Parts Trader and State Farm


    House Committee Votes Against Maryland Parts Bill In today.s Fender Bender.  Read the Article Advertisements

The Price of Loyalty is high and getting higher! Imagine $20,000.00 a year more in your pocket.


I visited a shop yesterday to discuss PartsCheck Live and was greeted with an all too familiar refrain–“I want to be loyal to my dealers”.  This is a comment I hear often when… Continue reading

Parts Trader Launch in “All” of Washington State


Word is all State Farm DRP members in Washington have been getting the call and having S.F. representatives completing the install.  Dealers have not been informed yet.  Looks like Sometime in March will… Continue reading

Parts Trader Launching in Spokane


My sources tell me that State Farm has told all of its DRP shops and dealers in Spokane to prepare for a March 1st Launch.  This is a clear strategy to capture the… Continue reading

One Mega Dealer talks about Parts Trader


One of my mega dealer freinds with multiple brands shared with me his experience with Parts Trader and the process of quoting on parts.   I began by asking him a very general question,… Continue reading

Body Shop Business on Mississippi Legal Action


It seems to me that the law suit has morphed into something much larger than just a S.F. P.T. lawsuit.  I can’t help but think that this dilutes the direct assault on P.T.… Continue reading

Key Industry Stats show the Electronic Parts Procurement is worth $6000 / yr for the average shop!


Body Shop Business’ latest industry stats show some very interesting facts with respect to how shops are spending their time.  Some quick math shows how you can pocket $6000 year.   45% of shops… Continue reading

SPECIAL REPORT: Evaluating PartsTrader / 3 out of 4 shops see the benefits


I was recently forwarded this article.  It lays out some of the pro’s and cons of the competitive quoting process of State Farm’s marketplace from direct interviews with shops using the system.  As… Continue reading

Parts Trader Annouces Fee Schedule…Finally


Amazing.  Astounding.  Incredible.  Why on earth did they wait so long.  Perhaps because they plan to charge dealers who are buying parts from themselves under a mandate from and insurance company.  How in… Continue reading

Forget Electronic Parts Procurement / How about just printing parts instead!


Very interesting and timely thought on LinkedIn CEO forum.  When will 3D printers begin to bite into the market for plastic replacement parts?  I’m guessing it wont be too long. LinkedIn Thread…

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